Admission & Tuition


Children with developmental disabilities are eligible for admission at age 18 months if they have a developmental delay and age 12 months if they have no delays. Parents must complete an application packet including an Admission Information Form signed by a physician stating that the child is able to participate in a child care program and has current immunizations. Children are enrolled depending on space availability and must be able to benefit from participation in a group setting. During the first six weeks of attendance the teacher, therapists and educational coordinator will complete curriculum-based and standardized assessments for children with developmental delays. Following the assessments, an Individual Intervention Plan (IIP) meeting will be held with the parent(s) to review the assessments and write goals and objectives.

All eligible children are admitted independent of race, color, and national or ethnic origin.


The Rise School of Dallas tuition is $1082 per month. This includes all full-time school and integrated therapies (occupational, physical, speech and music). Siblings who are admitted will receive 30% off their tuition. Tuition for children without developmental delays who attend part time is $433 for two days and $630 for three days. Children with developmental delays must attend full time.  Tuition will increase to $1100 for the 2016-2017 school year.

Tuition is based on the full year program costs with 12 equal monthly installments and a 13th tuition payment collected in July.  Our 13th tuition payment is a 13th installment of your tuition payment that, encourages families to fund raise throughout the year.  Any money or items donated, or events attended, on on behalf of the child will go towards this amount in hopes that the families will fulfill this amount throughout the year.

Tuition is not reduced during school breaks, family vacations, schedule adjustments, or absences unless special arrangements are necessary and approved. Tuition is to be paid on a monthly basis, due by the 1st of each month. After the 5th, a late fee of $25.00 will be charged with a $5.00 daily fee until tuition is paid, unless otherwise arranged with the Director. If the tuition payment is not received by the 10th, a notice of possible termination will be sent. By the 15th, disregard of the notice or continued non-payment will be grounds for termination.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available on a limited basis depending on availability of funds. This aid could provide assistance from 20%-80% of the regular tuition cost based on the family’s net household income and the number of persons living in the household. Part time students are not eligible for financial aid. To apply for financial aid, click on the FAST icon below and follow the online instructions. All forms will be mailed to FAST and reviewed in confidentiality. Once a determination is made you will be notified by the Director regarding your eligibility for financial aid.
For any questions or concerns, please contact our administrative office at (214) 373-7473.