Maude Pampel, M.S.

Director of the Rise School of Dallas, 2015-present.
MS in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas. BA from Rhodes College, Memphis, TN. Experience includes 3 years as a Child Development Specialist/Teacher at the Callier Preschool for Communication Disorders, a practicum at Bryan’s House, and 6 years at the Rise School as Lead Teacher and Educational Coordinator.

MaRetta Dyer

Office Manager

Katie Purcell

Development Director

Erin Davis

Event Coordinator

Contracted Therapists

Annie Altman Herndon, Music Therapist, Degree, privately contracted

Anna Harper, Physical Therapist, Master degree, privately contracted

Elizabeth Gorman, Speech Therapist and Educational Coordinator

Amy Ornelas, Occupational Therapist, privately contracted

Supported Employment Classroom Assistants

Javier Flores, Luke Maberry, Lori Munoz, Veronica Castillo